5 Reasons You Know You Want a Glowing White Smile

Have you been sitting on the fence about getting your teeth whitened? All around us, we’re surrounded by glamourous Instagram feeds, perfect models in video clips and magazines, and understandably, many of us feel compelled to add whiter teeth to our beauty regime. The great thing about teeth whitening is that, assuming you choose a trained technician, or a tried and tested, dental grade home kit, it’s a safe treatment for most people. Here’s why we think glowing white teeth makes a difference to your health and wellbeing:

1. Increase Your Confidence

Perhaps you’d like to speak your mind, but you don’t want to open your mouth. Or maybe it’s simply that you don’t want to be involved in events and situations where there might be photos taken. However it affects your confidence, knowing you’ve got a glowing white smile can certainly help with the confidence concerns you have around the colour of your teeth! Self-love is super important, which also means addressing the things that bother you. Yellow, stained teeth can be improved with a small investment in teeth whitening services.

2. Let’s Smile More

A genuine smile feels great! Since many of us struggle to give up coffee, tea, red wine and other staining foods and drinks, teeth whitening can be a great solution to remove the stains that build up over time. Smiling more can make you appear more approachable, which is great for both personal and professional relationships.

3. It’s Not as Expensive as You Think

An East Coast Glow triple treatment is only $250 which includes our travel to you! Even better, if you book a couple’s treatment, it’s only $225 per person! We normally recommend a follow up appointment around 6 weeks later, and amazingly, your East Coast Glow treatment can last for between 6-12 months. It’s great value for money for such a long-lasting solution!

4. You Get Results Fast

Home whitening kits take regular consistent use to get good results. With a professional at home treatment, you can get teeth up to 11 shades whiter (normally 6-8 shades) in a total of 3 x 30 minute sessions, which all occur in one convenient appointment! The high-quality whitening gel, combined with the LED light treatment activates the gel, giving you stunning results in a short amount of time!

5. Teeth Sensitivity is Rare

Some people do experience sensitivity when they get their teeth whitened. In saying that, I’ve had great results with the East Coast Glow product, which has meant that most people haven’t experienced sensitivity. A couple of people have experienced a small amount of sensitivity for about 24-48 hours after the treatment, however they’ve all thought it was still completely worth it.

If you’re still on the fence about getting your teeth whitened, send us a message. If you’re ready to make an appointment on the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast or Brisbane, you can now book online. I’d love to meet you and help transform your smile!

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